Tolulope foods offers quality, dirt free and hygienically processed garri, packaged in own brand as "MYGARI" and sold at affordable prices.

We offer world class trainings that help strengthen individual/farmers groups by giving they a platform to:

Learn and put into practice the various procedures in identifying and solving agric related problems. Providing short and long term solutions to these problems so as to strengthen the capacity and sharpen the skills of the groups.

Structurally organise the group and put in place measures to make planning and policy implementation achievable through simple methods with graphical illustrations for easy understanding by aspiring and existing farmer's groups.

We assist farmers in identifying the challenges, opportunities and treats of the agribusiness. We equip them with the knowledge and skills to run a sustainable and profitable business.

We are also into farm management, preparing budgets and managing clients' accounts. We ensure that our methods are strictly in line with the global farming practice, we handle compliance and paper work issues surrounding modern farming.

We achieve these by offering diverse form of practical and theoretical trainings on the rudiments of agricultural value chain, this equip the farmers with the necessary skill to run a successful business.