Tolulope foods is an agricultural development agency with key focus on the cassava value chain management (production, processing, marketing and sale of cassava based products).
We offer consultancy services on farm setup and management, group formation trainings/cluster farming development, agricultural processing and packaging.
As a youth focused organization, we offer several trainings and mentorship programs such as group formation and development trainings, farmers business school encompassing both theoretical and practical format.
We create a platform for young farmers to freely express their challenges (YANAF), success stories and failures in an enabling/welcoming environment where solutions are offered.
We support the sustainable development goal of:
#Zerohunger which can be achieved through improving, sensitization on maximizing food production systems, by encouraging individual farmers and organization to practice sustainable production of food by equipping them with the technical know-how and promotion of mechanized farm processes. We strongly believe at Tolulope Foods that increased youth participation in agriculture will translate to zero hunger.
#Nopoverty through equipping young persons with knowledge on the intricacies of sustainably running and managing an agribusiness enterprise which will translate to enormous job creation. 
#Genderequality through engaging and promoting women participation in agricultural activities as women have proven to be good managers, business developers in various fields. We pride greatly in the fact that the convener and CEO of Tolulope Foods is a Female.